Twist E-Liquids Nic Salt - 10mg

Twist E-Liquids Nic Salt - 10mg

Twist E-Liquids
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Elevate your vaping experience with the 10mg Twist E-liquids Nic Salt, a premium 10ml e-liquid that delivers a smooth and satisfying nicotine hit. Crafted with a meticulously balanced 50VG/50PG blend, this nicotine salt formulation provides a robust and consistent throat hit, catering to the preferences of seasoned vapers and those seeking a more intense nicotine experience. Twist, a renowned brand in the vaping industry, has poured its expertise into creating this exceptional e-liquid, offering a complex and captivating flavour profile that tantalizes the senses. Whether you're looking to transition from traditional cigarettes or simply desire a more potent vaping ritual, the 10mg Twist E-liquids Nic Salt is the perfect companion to elevate your vaping journey and savor every moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure.


  • USA E-liquids 
  • 10mg Nic Salt 
  • 50VG/50PG
  • 1 Bottle = 3000 Puffs
  • Suitable for mouth-to-lung devices
  • Childproof cap
  •  Recyclable Bottle

What's in the box: 

  • 1x 10mg Smooth Salts Nic Salt (50VG/50PG)


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